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Maker Faire Roma 2018

ilterzospazio con Officine Robotiche รจ stato in fiera con diversi progetti!

Alla MakerFaireRome - The European Edition - VI edizione

Allo stand di Officine Robotiche

con Droni, Robot e LineFollower

al Padiglione 7, stand D4:

53xLIDAR: solid state lidar

Mauro Mombelli, Valerio Nappi

53xLIDAR is a community made, completely solid state, LIDAR with open source hardware and software.

B4: BeFour

Roberto D'Amico

B4 is a Robot based on ROS, uses a Microsft Kinect to map the environment, interacts with external sensors.

ERWHI (mk2)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

ERWHI is a small robot that learn environments and interact with objects.

ERWHI Hedgehog (mk3)

Giovanni di Dio Bruno

ERWHI Hedgehog is the smallest open source robot in the world with machine learning and autonomous navigation.

Geduino V3 X86

Alessandro Francescon

Geduino is an open source platform designed for Autonomous Robot application: the goal of Geduino project is to build a robot able to act autonomously in a real human environment.


Raffaello Bonghi

Panther is an outdoor tracked robot, with a ZED stereocamera and an NVIDIA Jetson TX2, this robot can interact with all objects around it, with 9kg and with the big size 42cm with, 40cm deep and 30cm height can climbs little rocks and little bumps. This robot is integrated on ROS and all code is available on github. Panther is built with different materials that plexiglass, aluminium, plastic. Powered with an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and ROS the Robot Operative System can be move outdoor. In this video you can show how can work the damping system inside the tracks

Plutarco Robot

Mauro Soligo

Plutarco robot's is a continuous development platform for robotic research in outdoor environment.


Marco De Gregorio

Open Source Robotic Arm with different functions. You can move it with your hand into a special glove.

Rhex V2

Niklas Sallali

Rhex is an open source hexapod robot built to make experiments and play around with robotics concepts.


Alessio Morale & Officine Robotiche

A self built rover robot with autonomous capabilities based on opensource technologies(ROS, UNav etc.)

Wanderer & Line-R

Alessio Morale & the LibrePilot Team

Two robot implementations using the opensource LibrePilot firmware, originally aimed at powering drones